• October 26, 2021
 President Trump to Visit El Paso Monday

Clip courtesy White House/YouTube

President Trump to Visit El Paso Monday

White House officials announced Wednesday morning that President Donald Trump will hold an event at the El Paso County Coliseum in El Paso on Monday, February 11th.

The event will be held at the El Paso County Coliseum, located at  4100 East Paisano Drive at 7 pm.  This is the President’s seventh trip to Texas since announcing his bid and winning the White House, but his first to El Paso.

Tickets for the event are available online at the President’s re-election website.

The announcement of the trip comes less than twelve hours after the President made false statements about El Paso during the State of the Union Address, saying that at one time the city was the ‘most dangerous’ in the country until the border wall was built.

Our partners at the Texas Tribune report that President Trump’s Campaign Manager, Michael Glassner said “As the President continues his fight to secure our border, there’s no better place to demonstrate that walls work than in El Paso,”   To read the complete article, click here.

More on this as the story develops throughout the day.

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  • He should only be allowed if he apologizes for his blatant lies about El Paso.

    • Why don’t you go tell him that, ditz?

      • There’s her and millions of others that will gladly do it.

        • Aren’t you late for your Tide Pod Challenge?

  • Awesome! I hope that he visits our agency.

    • Why would he visit the sanitation,recycling department? fat mike?

  • That is the most disgusting thing for the Nazi racist animal Donald Trump to come to our beloved city!
    It’s a publicity stunt by Trump after he trashed our city with lies, saying that we were at one time the most dangerous city in the United States. But then came the border wall and that crime went down and that now we are a very safe city. Before the border wall was built, El Paso was still a safe city and way before that. All lies, just like he tells lies that he did not collude with Russia as loads of criminal investigations pile up on him.
    Donald Trump did make a pack with the devil, and this will have a negative on El Paso! Just two years ago Pope Francis visited Cd, Juarez. And two years later Satan sends Trump to El Paso.
    Mikey! what are you going to wear for Trump’s fund raising, other than your maga hat? is there still time to take your white conical hood and white cloak to the cleaners?
    Put holy water everywhere including the county coliseum and spray the run way,with holy water, where air force one will be landing on.
    Holy water is a good deterrent for the 666 beast Donald Trump! exisorce Donald Trump out of El Paso.

    • Don’t worry Alberto, you will get a visit from the Secret Service sometime this week.

    • I predict that between now and Friday, you will get a little visit from the Secret Service.

  • I’m not afraid of no secret service visiting me, I have my copy of the Constitution. They should have visited you when president Obama was president. With all your rants against him and Hillary Clinton, even using the N word.
    Donald Trump needs to shutdown the government again you worthless dog!
    and a white nationalist terrorist! BIGOT!

    • Aww, the little socialist Tide Pod-eating is upset? You are such a bigot and racist little La Raza little freak.

      • Aww! that fat buttblast Fecal mater eating plague! Mad Mike! I’m not upset, you are upset because there was no knock knock at my front door.
        What a racist gringo loser you are, you sorry excuse for a white nationalist KKK creep!

  • So how much does it cost to attend Donald Trump’s El Paso Hate Rally? Hahahaha, only pendejos and vendidos will be in attendance along with Ku Klux Klan’s and White nationalist racist Aryan brothers.
    Mikey the buttblast making his moronic scare tactics saying that the secret service will be knocking on my door.They got way better things to do, like investigate this Nazi racist Trump with all his criminal past and present activities.
    I’m glad that congresswomen Rashida Tlaib. that called Donald Trump, F that mother (F-bomb)! hehehehe.
    Did secret service go knock on her door? Hahahahaha.
    What am I suppose to do when they knock on my door, open it with my arms raised and yell: HANDS UP, DON’t SHOOT!
    Just for calling Donald Trump a racist animal nazi! I’m sure he’s being called most deserving worst words than that, everyday.
    See Y’ALL at the protest anti Trump rally Monday! B there or b square……

  • here are just a few places in the BIBLE where are walls were build for safety; hope it will help you
    Nehemiah 4:6
    Psalm 122:7
    Proverbs 18:11, and 25:28
    Isaiah 26:1, 59:10, 60:18
    Jeremiah 51:44
    Deuteronomy 3:5
    1st Samuel 31:10
    2nd Samuel 11:20, 20:15 +20:21

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