• May 17, 2022
 Bright Hearts Fund Relaunches to Now Assist All Residential EPE Customers

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Bright Hearts Fund Relaunches to Now Assist All Residential EPE Customers

The Bright Hearts Fund (Fund) has been transformed to now assist customers across the entire El Paso Electric (EPE) service region.

With the effects of the pandemic still rippling through the community, the Bright Hearts Fund will use donations to assist those who are behind on electric bill payments.
Donations to the Bright Hearts Fund can easily be made by visiting epcf.org/brighthearts. All donations made to the Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar by El Paso Electric.
The Bright Hearts Fund represents a partnership between several faith communities including Temple Mount Sinai, the Catholic diocese, the Interfaith Alliance, along with El Paso Community Foundation, and El Paso Electric.
Over 77,000 customers are currently behind on their electric bills. The Fund will serve to lessen this burden for customers overdue on their electric bill and at risk of disconnection.
“Jesus called his followers to be the light of the world. Giving to the Bright Hearts Fund allows us to be the light by lighting the homes of those in need,” said Bishop Mark Seitz. “What a wonderful opportunity to join El Paso Electric in serving our community!”
“Our community is unlike any other. We look after each other. We are here for one another,” shared Rabbi Ben Zeidman on behalf of Temple Mount Sinai. “We recognize that what is happening for some of us is happening for all of us. One family’s struggle is everyone’s struggle. Your gift of support to the Bright Hearts Fund is more than just charity. It is an investment in us all. Together we make our community and El Paso strong.”
“Our region has come together in the face of many challenges through the years, and this is another example of caring partners doing the right thing for the community we live in,” said Eric Pearson, President and CEO of the El Paso Community Foundation. “Thank you to El Paso Electric for its generous match.”
“One of our main goals is to champion customer affordability. With these strong partnerships, we will be able to provide so much needed support with the Bright Hearts Fund,” said EPE President and CEO Kelly A. Tomblin. “With or without a pandemic, we understand that there are many families in our service region who deal with challenges daily. We want them to know that our Customer Care Team is prepared to help families catch up on their electric bill and keep them in power.”
Customers seeking assistance on their electric bill have a number of ways to contact EPE’s Customer Care Team.
In 2021, the formerly named Bright Hearts of El Paso Fund distributed over $240,000 to assist more than 900 El Paso County families with their electric bills. The Bright Hearts of El Paso Fund was made possible by donations from people and businesses in 2021.
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