El Paso Association of Builders announces Young Designer Challenge scholarship awards

Earlier this week, officials with the El Paso Association of Builders (EPAB) announced the winners of their Young Designer Challenge scholastic competition.

“We are extremely proud that some of the students all seniors continued to work on the project at home. The competition was judged by a distinguished group of members from the association, both builders as well as specialist in permit and inspections,” EPAB officials shared.

Held for over 20 years, the Young Designer Challenge, is competitive event that pits high school juniors and seniors who are taking classes in Architecture or Construction design.

In this event the EPAB produces a competition problem consisting of creating a design for residential or commercial construction projects.

The students are given criteria to create and present a complete set of plans for construction using the current codes within the City of El Paso that include such things as elevations, foundation, HVAC plan, electrical plan, roofing plan and required amenities.

The entries come with no names or campus names on them, simply a contest numeric identification.

“Congratulations to all the students who participated in the challenge,” EPBA officials added. “Our sincere thanks also to EPISD CCTE Instructor Cecilia Orozco for her dedication to her students and to the scholarship challenge.”

Here are the winning entries and the amount of scholarship for first, second, and third place.

In third place with a $750 scholarship, Alondra Juluisa Munoz, – Franklin HS
In second place with a $1000 scholarship, Maxon Rene Morales, – Franklin HS
In First Place with a $1500 scholarship, Braeden Nicholas Byrd – Franklin HS

Additionally, with consideration of the work that all these seniors did, and the disruption of the Senior Year ceremonies and class schedules, the El Paso Association of Builders officials  decided to grant a onetime exception and award $500 scholarships to these other three students:

Amelia Rae Whitener – Franklin High School

Andres Salgado, – Andress High School

Andres Salgado, – Andress High School