Canutillo ISD to purchase $4.8M worth of Apple devices for all students in the district

On Tuesday, April 28, the Canutillo Independent School District Board of Trustees approved a $4.8 million request to purchase Apple devices for every student in the district.

“We believe this substantial investment in devices is critical to ensuring that all students have equitable access to learning,” said Board President Sergio Coronado. “In this unprecedented time, Board members remain committed to supporting the needs of our students, families, staff, and community.”

Canutillo ISD partnered with Apple, Inc. in launching this one-to-one solution to be issued to all students fall 2020.  Students from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade will have access to their own device allowing faculty to expand the classroom beyond its four walls.

“This opportunity will keep CISD students at the forefront of this technological age and help fulfill the district’s mission of producing future-ready students,” CISD officials shared via a news release.

District officials add, “Through this agreement, Canutillo will purchase devices, professional development, project management, engineering solutions, and a comprehensive institutional technology training process….the total price tag is $4,804,806, with a 30% discount. ”

In addition to purchasing computer solutions for students, CISD has also purchased WiFi hotspots to be placed around the community and issued to families in need of internet connectivity.

“Technology has obviously benefited education in many ways. However, it can also create educational inequity when some students enjoy access, while others do not. This problem has been called the digital divide or technology gap. This purchase is intended to close this gap, thus providing equal opportunity for learning,” said Superintendent Dr. Pedro Galaviz. “This pandemic has caused us to act and rethink our educational environment.”

Canutillo ISD will also be updating its facility master plan in partnership with the community to build ‘Canutillo Connect’, a comprehensive solution to turning Canutillo into a “smart city”.