Photo Courtesy of Canutillo ISD
Photo Courtesy of Canutillo ISD

Canutillo ISD: Trustee Rodriguez earns Golden Molcajete Award from MASBA

Canutillo Independent School District Board of Trustees Vice President Armando Rodriguez earlier this month received the Golden Molcajete Award — one of the highest honors given to members of the Mexican American School Boards Association (MASBA). 

Rodriguez, who is serving his fifth term on the CISD Board of Trustees and is the incoming president of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), received the Golden Molcajete Award for his long-standing service to MASBA and the students in the state of Texas. 

“The Molcajete is symbolic to our cultural heritage that gives a unique flavor to our dishes. The Golden Molcajete award recognizes the unique contributions to those individuals who have made a commitment to improve the lives of students in the state through public education and advocacy,” said MASBA President Ana Cortez. “Mando is widely recognized as someone who prioritizes children and families and believes in the transformative power of education.” 

The award is named after the famed Mexican mortar and pestle used by the indigenous people of Mexico since Pre-Columbian times to make guacamole and salsas. To this day, the cooking utensil is used to mix the necessary ingredients to make the perfect meal, according to the association. 

MASBA named one of its highest honors after this simple cooking utensil to honor the Latino families that make up a large portion of the student population in Texas, but also to celebrate the mixing of ideas as ingredients in creating successful students. 

Rodriguez said receiving the Golden Molcajete acknowledges the work and commitment he has to the students of Canutillo and the rest of Texas. 

“Education in Texas is not a privilege but rather a right, and it is our responsibility to provide all students – regardless of the ZIP code in which they reside – with a world-class education,” Rodriguez said. “MASBA is working hard to make sure this right is afforded to all of our students, regardless of the color of their skin, their ethnic background or the language that they speak at home.”