Photo courtesy CBP

CBP announces launch of border wall system webpage

WASHINGTON – U. S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Wednesday announced the public launch of a border wall system webpage that features construction video and an interactive map. 

The border wall system webpage will give the American people a first-hand look at its construction and the border wall system’s impact on our national security.

“President Trump is delivering on his promise to build a border wall system to secure the border,” said Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan. “Border security is national security and a strong border wall system is critical to keeping our nation safe.”

CBP officials say the border wall system is a “critical tool for Border Patrol agents – it helps slow or stop those who attempt to illegally cross into the United States, giving our agents time to respond and make an arrest.”

The border wall system includes the roads, lighting, and technology that help our agents secure the border.

“The border wall system webpage provides a new and innovative look into the border wall system, which anyone with internet access can view,” CBP officials shared via a news release. “It includes construction video, interactive maps, and graphics to keep the public informed on current construction progress.”

To view the page, click here.