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CBP officers seize fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and marijuana at El Paso port

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at the El Paso port of entry intercepted nearly 300 pounds of narcotics on multiple unrelated incidents within the first two weeks of September. The narcotics have an estimated street value of more than $1.8 million. 

“CBP officers are diligently performing their homeland security mission and these multiple seizures are a reflection of their continued vigilance,” said acting CBP El Paso Port Director Luis Mejia. “A large amount of extremely dangerous drugs did not make their intended destinations.”

On Sept. 3, CBP officers working at the Paso Del Norte (PDN) border crossing intercepted 49.4 pounds of methamphetamine. Multiple bundles were located within the gas tank of a vehicle that arrived from Mexico following a non-intrusive inspection and a CBP canine alert. The driver was a 33-year-old female, U.S. citizen.

On Sept. 4, CBP officers at the Bridge of the Americas (BOTA) border crossing intercepted 101.23 pounds of marijuana. Several marijuana-filled bundles were discovered inside suitcases located in the trunk of a vehicle that arrived from Mexico. The driver was an 18-year-old male, U.S. citizen.

On Sept. 5, CBP officers at the PDN border crossing intercepted 35.75 pounds of methamphetamine. CBP officers located multiple bundles concealed within the quarter panels of a vehicle that arrived from Mexico. The driver was a 36-year-old female, U.S. citizen traveling with two minor children.

On Sept. 8, CBP officers at the BOTA border crossing intercepted 34.61 pounds of heroin. The interception occurred following CBP canine alert and non-intrusive exam of a vehicle that arrived from Mexico. The driver was a 50-year-old male, Mexican citizen.

On Sept. 14, CBP officers at the BOTA border crossing intercepted 50.4 pounds of cocaine. CBP officers conducting pre-primary inspections detected anomalies within a vehicle that arrived from Mexico. A further search resulted in the discovery of several bundles concealed within the vehicle’s floor. The driver was a 41-year-old male, Mexican citizen traveling with his family.

On Sept. 15, CBP officers at the Foreign Trade Zone intercepted 3.26 pounds of fentanyl pills. The interception occurred when CBP officers inspected a shipment within a cargo flight. A non-intrusive inspection detected anomalies within a shipment of candles resulting in the discovery of fentanyl filled bundles.

The subjects arrested by CBP officers were turned over to Homeland Security Investigations and/or state and local authorities for prosecution.