Celebration of Our Mountains “Mt. Franklin Ale” set to be released

Next month, the Old Sheepdog Brewery will release its new brew: Celebration of Our Mountains “Mt. Franklin Ale” an amber ale.

“This year’s fall program begins with the release of Mt. Franklin Amber and continues into December with two or three hikes or other activities every week, mostly on weekends,” Jim Tolbert Executive Director, Celebration of Our Mountains shared.

Although the organization has always had a fall program of events, they now offer programs and field trips all year round.

As for the new brew, Old Sheepdog is owned by Gus and Brisa Delgado. The brewery initially opened in 2019, but suspended business during the pandemic. They reopened February of this year.

Other brews that Old Sheepdog produces are “Old Yeller,” a pale ale, “ReReet,” an English porter, “Looks That Kill”, an IPA, and “Light My Fire,” a smoky beer.

For more information, on the brewery, visit their website.

Since 1994, Celebration of Our Mountains, a 501c3, non-profit organization, sponsors free educational and recreational field trips in the mountains, desert, and wetlands of the El Paso region of the Chihuahuan Desert for persons of all ages.

For more information about each event, see www.celebrationofourmountains.org; for our complete coverage, click here.