• May 16, 2022
 Ceremony marks new mission as Test Element joins Joint Modernization Command

Ceremony marks new mission as Test Element joins Joint Modernization Command

FORT BLISS  — The U.S. Army Joint Modernization Command conducted a virtual change of mission ceremony June 2, recognizing the transition of the Joint Test Element from the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Center to JMC.

Since 2013, the Joint Test Element, located at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, has served under the Army Test and Evaluation Center. The Joint Test Element has generated operational solutions to urgent, specific Joint warfighter problems through a short-term, rigorous test program process.

The transfer to JMC marks the end of the Joint Test Element, which will now receive all mission tasks from JMC as the newly titled JMC – Aberdeen Proving Ground. As the operational army of Army Futures Command, JMC plans, synchronizes and executes exportable live field experiments to inform Army Senior Leaders on modernization efforts to enable a Multi-Domain capable force by 2028.

JMC-APG will now align better with live field experimentation and assessments, and increase capacity of operational assessments within the greater Army Modernization Enterprise. Additionally, the realignment will provide added means to maintain momentum for the Army to provide Soldiers with the structure, capabilities and concepts necessary to dominate on a future battlefield.

During the ceremony, Brig. Gen. Johnny K. Davis, commanding general of JMC, said he believed the restructure would enhance Multi-Domain Operations and how the Army operationalizes MDO for the Fight Tonight force. He welcomed the 41 military service members and two Department of the Army civilians of the Joint Test Element to JMC’s mission.

“To the men and women of the Joint Test Element, JMC is excited to tap into your great, in-depth knowledge and experience, as we conduct exportable, scalable field experiments and assessments to validate Multi-Domain Operations concepts, capabilities and formations,” Davis said. “JMC has a very busy schedule during the next 12 months, including Project Convergence 20, Army Live Prototype Assessment, Joint Warfighting Assessment 21 and many more. JMC looks forward to your professional contributions and dedicated support to our mission.”

Maj. Gen. Joel K. Tyler, commanding general of the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Center, noted that his previous experience with JMC helped make it clear to him that JMC-APG would be a good fit with JMC. Tyler was previously commanding general of JMC.

“I had the honor of serving at JMC before Gen. Davis, as most of you know,” Tyler said. “Because it’s such a wonderful asset, not a lot of people know exactly what to do with it. But to Gen. Davis’ and his team’s credit, they have really in the last two years been able to find not only a niche but to provide really critical capabilities. Through demonstrated excellence, they have been able to show Army Senior Leaders that they are capable of much more.”

The ceremony concluded with leaders at the Joint Test Element taking off their Army Test and Evaluation Center patch, replacing it with the patch of Army Futures Command. With that, their title officially changed to JMC-APG. The added expertise will undoubtedly help JMC continue to Forge the Future.

Author: Jonathan Koester – Joint Modernization Command

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