Photo courtesy Charcoaler Facebook page

Charcoaler Drive In Set To Return ‘Soonish’

After several long months, word came via social media – and a simple notice on the neon sign along Mesa stating ‘OPENING SOONISH’ – that the much-beloved El Paso resturant Charcoaler would be open once again.

The new group, lead by the same team that owns WingDaddy’s and TOROBurger here in town, will be reopening the iconic drive in, along with the help of family members who worked at Charcoaler

Below is the full statement provided to the Herald-Post by Charcoaler officials:

“At this time we’d just say that a group of local restauranteurs and a family member of the original owner couldn’t bear the thought of charcoaler being just a memory. When we heard of the closing we enthusiastically contacted the previous owner to work out the business purchase. We are looking forward to reopening before the holidays, serving the same, original recipes that everyone loves.

Initially, Charcoaler will reopen for the most part as it was, with upgrades only where they are needed in the name of updating equipment and serving the public quickly.

In time, parts of the outdoor area will be reimagined to add indoor and outdoor seating, and a fun family environment. We are very excited and proud to bring back such an iconic El Paso restaurant which has been a part of so many people’s lives.”