• January 22, 2022
 Children will get Grab and Go Meals for Saturdays starting this week

Meal distribution at Moye | Photo by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

Children will get Grab and Go Meals for Saturdays starting this week

Children who receive meals from EPISD will begin getting food for Saturdays this week as part of new distribution rules adopted by the District during the pandemic-related campus closures.

“With the current pandemic situation, there is much more food insecurity out there,” said Laura Duran, director of food services. “Most students depend on school meals and if we can help with an additional day of meals, we will.  It is one less thing parents need to worry about.”

EPISD’s Grab and Go Meal will provide students with breakfast and lunch to eat on Saturdays during Friday’s meal distributions beginning this week.

EPISD currently offers three meal distributions: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday with each distribution providing two days of breakfast and lunches.

Meals are free for children up to age 18 and available at 50 different sites throughout the district. Service is curbside and EPISD staff practice social distancing in accordance to the health guidelines outlined by the City of El Paso’s Public Health Department.

EPISD meal distribution sites are:

  • Andress High, 5400 Sun Valley
  • Aoy Elementary, 901 S. Campbell
  • Armendariz Middle, 2231 Arizona
  • Austin High School, 3500 Memphis
  • Barron Elementary, 11155 Whitey Ford
  • Bassett Middle, 4400 Elm
  • Bonham Elementary, 7024 Cielo Vista
  • Bowie High, 801 S. San Marcial
  • Brown Middle, 7820 Helen of Troy
  • Canyon Hills Middle, 8930 Eclipse
  • Chapin High, 7000 Dyer
  • Charles Middle, 4909 Trojan
  • Clardy Elementary, 5508 Delta
  • Coldwell Elementary, 4101 Altura
  • Cooley Elementary, 107 N. Collingsworth
  • Crockett Elementary, 3200 Wheeling
  • Crosby Elementary, 5411 Wren
  • El Paso High, 800 E. Schuster
  • Fannin Elementary, 5425 Salem
  • Franklin High, 900 N. Resler
  • Green Elementary, 5430 Buckley
  • Guerrero Elementary, 7530 Lakehurst
  • Guillen Middle, 900 S. Cotton
  • Hawkins Elementary, 5816 Stephenson
  • Henderson Middle, 5505 Robert Alva
  • Herrera Elementary, 350 Coates
  • Hillside Elementary, 4500 Clifton
  • Kohlberg Elementary, 1445 Nardo Goodman
  • Lee Elementary, 7710 Pandora
  • MacArthur Elementary, 8101 Whitus
  • Magoffin Elementary, 4931 Hercules
  • Mesita ECDC, 220 Lawton
  • Morehead Middle, 5625 Confetti
  • Moreno Elementary, 2300 San Diego
  • Moye Elementary, 4825 Alps
  • Nixon Elementary, 11141 Loma Roja
  • Park Elementary, 3601 Edgar Park
  • Powell Elementary, 4750 Ellerthorpe
  • Putnam Elementary, 6508 Fiesta
  • Rivera Elementary, 6445 Escondido
  • Roberts Elementary, 341 Thorn
  • Ross Middle, 6101 Hughey
  • Rusk Elementary, 3601 N. Copia
  • Stanton Elementary, 5414 Hondo Pass
  • Terrace Hills Middle, 4835 Blossom
  • Tom Lea Elementary, 4851Marcus Uribe
  • Travis Elementary, 5000 N. Stevens
  • Whitaker Elementary, 4700 Rutherford
  • Wiggs Middle, 1300 Circle
  • Zach White Elementary, 4256 Roxbury

For more information on pick-up procedures, click here.

Story by Reneé De Santos  |   Photo by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

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