Chuy’s Tex-Mex Restaurant Hosts Party for Elvis Presley’s Birthday

Chuy’s is hosting their annual Elvis Birthday Bash on Sunday, January 8th. The Tex-Mex restaurant will celebrate the 82nd birthday of Elvis Presley at Chuy’s (8889 Gateway Blvd.)

When Chuy’s first opened in 1982 on Barton Springs Road in Austin, TX there was little money for restaurant décor. Chuy’s founders hit the streets with $20 in search of something to put on the walls.

The over-sized velvet painting of Elvis they returned with changed the course of Chuy’s history forever.

Soon, customers were donating their own memorabilia and Elvis was officially named the Patron Saint of Chuy’s. Chuy’s has been constructing shrines in his honor and celebrating his birthday ever since.

“Our annual birthday party for Elvis is just one of the quirky things that makes Chuy’s – Chuy’s,” said Tommy LaRue, Director of Operations for Chuy’s. “We love any excuse for a party. So why not enjoy a plate of enchiladas with a Frozen Blue Hawaiian and toast The King on his birthday? We hope folks will join us and have a good time.”

Customers who go to Chuy’s on January 8th dressed as Elvis (or his better half Priscilla) to get a free entrée. Also to commemorate The King’s 82nd Birthday, Chuy’s will offer $1 off their Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken and the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo for all customers.

Frozen Blue Hawaiians and limited edition Elvis t-shirts will also be available for purchase.