Stanton Elementary gets visit from Cirque du Soleil dancers

Movement, acrobatics and dance were at the center of a special presentation the famed performers from Cirque du Soleil gave the students at Stanton on Tuesday.

Dancers in full costume from Cirque du Soleil’s OVO show talked to fourth graders and showed off a few acrobatic stunts from their upcoming show in El Paso.

The fourth graders, who are learning to dance through Kids Excel, impressed the two OVO cast members with a short but energetic performance.

“Meeting the kids was the highlight of my day,” said Svetlana Delous, in her spider costume.

For Delous and her dance partner Devin Debianchi (who wears a dragonfly costume), the visit was an opportunity to speak with young performers about the importance of following one’s dreams..

“We want to inspire them, motivate them to let them know things don’t always come easy on the first try,” Delous said. “For example, Devin can do a one-arm handstand but that’s not something you can jump in and decide that’s something you can do. The same thing translates to a math problem or you are having in life. If you don’t solve on the first try, try again and believe in yourself.”

The performers will return to El Paso on March 12-15 for their show at UTEP’s Don Haskins Center.

Story by Reneé de Santos  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy – EPISD