Photo courtesy MCAD

City adopts Public Art Plan; Six Art projects selected to Enhance Culture, Quality of Place

On Wednesday, the City Council approved the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department’s annual Public Art Plan, which adds six art projects in 2021.

“As the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department works to implement the next round of the program’s projects, we are excited about the opportunities ahead to bring together artists with neighborhood voices, architects and City planners to align our community’s vision and continue to augment El Paso’s beauty and quality of place,” said Cultural Affairs and Recreation Director Ben Fyffe.

In addition to approving the Public Art Plan, City Council received an update on completed public art projects as well as a breakdown of projects that are currently in progress.

Projects that are in progress include artwork at the Country Club Roundabout in Westside El Paso and for the new Children’s Museum. The City’s public art inventory will continue to grow as the projects from the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds are completed.

The Public Art Program is funded through a two-percent set aside from the budgets of every capital improvement project within the City. Since it began in 2006, the Public Art Program has completed 72 projects with another 25 in process.

The program has worked with 227 artists, of which 80 percent are local artists. The Public Art Program has worked with 110 local businesses, which have provided support services for the completion of program projects.

To view the plan and other information, click here.