• June 29, 2022
 City Announces Inspections of Four Iconic Downtown Buildings

Kress Building as viewed from inside 2nd floor of Plaza Hotel

City Announces Inspections of Four Iconic Downtown Buildings

The Planning and Inspections Department, along with the Fire Department and Historic Preservation Office, are conducting four building inspections in the downtown area this week and next.

Via a news release, city officials stated, “The Fallas Paredes, Caples, and Kress buildings hold a local historic designation. By securing these properties, the City can limit the deterioration and risk of at least three historic buildings.”

In addition to code violations, the four properties have received numerous complaints of unwanted entry, graffiti and animal habitation.

“In 2017, the Fire Marshal took an inventory of vacant downtown buildings with fire and building code violations. The properties inspected were identified and classified as buildings with serious fire, safety or structural risks,” said Victor Morrison-Vega, Director of Planning and Inspections.

“Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our downtown residents. The inspections are the first step to securing high-risk vacant buildings,” Morrison-Vega added.

“Through concentrated efforts with the private industry, we have rehabilitated key historic buildings. Our historic buildings add great value to our downtown and attract people all over the country,” said Jessica Herrera, Director of Economic and International Development.

The following buildings will be inspected:

  1. Caples – 300 East San Antonio – January 10
  2. Kress – 211 North Mesa – January 11
  3. Haymon-Krupp – 117 West Overland – January 11
  4. Fallas Paredes (Formerly ‘The Popular’) – 301 East San Antonio – to be determined

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  • Two buildings for sure that really need to be inspected is the Caples building and the Kress building, obviously the owner has no desire or intention of ever fixing up these buildings.
    As they just sit there year after year dilapidating and unattended,and God forbid that some undesirable arsonist will set them aflame.
    There are rumours that the old Popular now the Fallas Paredes will have it’s upper floors upgraded and converted to apartment lofts! I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Also the old American Furniture building is in great need of repair not to mention the NewBerry building and the Toltec building, the owner must be expecting for someone to come along and rehabilitate them for him.
    The city needs to take action before it’s to late.

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