City Approves Shadow Mountain Tower for West El Paso

The Meyers Group will move forward with Shadow Mountain Tower, a high-quality, mixed-use project which will be built on a vacant lot on Shadow Mountain Drive in West El Paso.

On Tuesday, City Council unanimously approved a rezoning request allowing the project to move forward based on the project’s ability to grow the commercial tax base and reduce the residential tax burden for El Pasoans.

“We are thankful to the City Council for their decision which allows this transformational project to move forward,” said Josh Meyers, vice-president of the Meyers Group. “We fully respect the community’s concerns and the Council’s need to take extra time to make this important decision.”

El Paso City Council approved a rezoning request from Commerical to General Mixed Use. The old zoning would have allowed commercial development including a self-service car wash, concrete mixing plant, or minor motor vehicle repair facility. Instead, with this new zoning designation, the Meyers Group will move forward with plan to build a mixed-use high-rise including a retail, apartments, and a luxury hotel.

“We have been listening closely to the public comment we’ve heard over the past several weeks,” Myers said. “We are confidence that this project will be a good neighbor that will make El Pasoans proud.

The City Council’s decision follows months of public feedback, many of them related to traffic in West El Paso.

“As you heard members of the City Council articulate, many of the construction projects which are presently causing congestion on the Westside will be completed when this project opens,” Meyers said. “Additionally, this project helps El Pasoans realize the investments they have made in Quality of Life, transit, and transportation infrastructure.”