• May 21, 2022
 City Approves Shadow Mountain Tower for West El Paso

City Approves Shadow Mountain Tower for West El Paso

The Meyers Group will move forward with Shadow Mountain Tower, a high-quality, mixed-use project which will be built on a vacant lot on Shadow Mountain Drive in West El Paso.

On Tuesday, City Council unanimously approved a rezoning request allowing the project to move forward based on the project’s ability to grow the commercial tax base and reduce the residential tax burden for El Pasoans.

“We are thankful to the City Council for their decision which allows this transformational project to move forward,” said Josh Meyers, vice-president of the Meyers Group. “We fully respect the community’s concerns and the Council’s need to take extra time to make this important decision.”

El Paso City Council approved a rezoning request from Commerical to General Mixed Use. The old zoning would have allowed commercial development including a self-service car wash, concrete mixing plant, or minor motor vehicle repair facility. Instead, with this new zoning designation, the Meyers Group will move forward with plan to build a mixed-use high-rise including a retail, apartments, and a luxury hotel.

“We have been listening closely to the public comment we’ve heard over the past several weeks,” Myers said. “We are confidence that this project will be a good neighbor that will make El Pasoans proud.

The City Council’s decision follows months of public feedback, many of them related to traffic in West El Paso.

“As you heard members of the City Council articulate, many of the construction projects which are presently causing congestion on the Westside will be completed when this project opens,” Meyers said. “Additionally, this project helps El Pasoans realize the investments they have made in Quality of Life, transit, and transportation infrastructure.”

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  • El Paso is on the roll since I moved back to my hometown from San Francisco 6 years ago! upon my arrival back then, they were just finishing the Children’s hospital.That was followed by the demolishing of the old Farah factory on I-10 west and the start and completion of the Fountains at Farah.They then started work on the America’s I-10 spaghetti bowl interchange they imploded city hall to build this beautiful Southwest University Park Stadium.Complemented with a triple A baseball team the Hot hitting El Paso Chihuahuas! then came the bringing back of the old electric streets cars.Hunt Corporation will be building their new downtown headquarters soon as well as a new CourtYard by Marriott hotel in downtown.And it just keeps getting better when on April 20th out of nowhere the Meyers Group made announcement. That they are going to build this luxury mix/use 22 story highrise on the west side and just last week. They also announce the purchase of the dilapidated Camino Real hotel and are going to restore it back to a 4 and half star convention hotel back to the Paso Del Norte.Still missing is the new 4 star Westin Airport hotel caught up under some greedy Wyndham hotel owner that wants to dictate hotel construction at the airport. And the year is only halfway over with I’m still expecting more good news for our great city that’s on a roll of great progress. Love you El Paso!and please keep the ball rolling,it’s all good and very positive growth.

  • What is the apartment vacancy rate right now? There will always be those who want the newest and gliztiest and will move in, but in doing so, what happens to the apartments left behind? At a 2% annual population growth, how can we justify so many new apartments? Will there be houses left vacant in the city for vagrants to trash? Will some apartments close or raise rents to offset the vacant ones? I wish this project well, but at what cost to the rest of the city? It would be nice to know that so many El Pasoans will be getting great raises in the next year to pay for the high soaring rent.

    • What should happen is a continuation of life. Old complexes in this town are few and far between that anyone would say are well kept. They will continue to let them disintegrate due to lack of quality management and maintenance. Then they will finally be deconstructed because no one cared enough to maintain them. THAT is the clue to why folks want the latest built place they can afford

  • Cuando comienzan y cuando acabaran?

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