City confirms scheduling second dose of COVID-19 Vaccines

Officials with the City of El Paso announced Friday that they have received and continues to receive first and second doses of the Moderna vaccination from the State, and residents will receive a notice via text, email or phone to schedule their first and second dose appointments, accordingly.

Unfortunately, there were incorrect reports by the local media about the second doses being placed on hold. Please note, this information is incorrect, and the reports have been corrected.

To date, the City has received the second doses within the necessary timeframe scheduled for every eligible individual. The State continues to issue out the first and second doses to the City, and no one is past due, at this time.

As a reminder, the second dose for the Moderna vaccine is due 28 days after receiving the first dose and the Pfizer vaccine’s second dose is due 21 days after the first dose. The City of El Paso is only giving the Moderna vaccine, at this time. It is important to note that the second dose DOES NOT need to be administered exactly on the 28th day. The second dose may be provided days or weeks after it is due, but you cannot receive the second dose sooner.

For scheduling purposes, residents who are due for their second doses will receive an email, text or call, when the City receives the second dose allotment and opens second dose appointments, as appropriate. Individuals DO NOT need to re-register for their second doses.

The City has received concerns about residents not being able to book an appointment after being notified. Because the City does not receive 100% response from those invited to schedule appointments, and in order to ensure no doses are wasted, more residents are invited than there are available vaccines. If a resident is notified to schedule an appointment and is unable to get an appointment, the resident will be first in line for the next shipment of doses.

The Department of Public Health (DPH) and El Paso Fire Department continue administering the vaccine to priority groups in Phase 1 Group A and Group B.

The public is reminded only those who have pre-registered and have been given an appointment time and location will be able to be vaccinated.

As the City of El Paso waits to receive more COVID-19 vaccines, residents who are eligible as either Phase 1 Group A or Group B can pre-register to receive the vaccine with the City of El Paso by clicking on this link and submitting the pre-registration form. Once pre-registered, residents will be notified about the availability of the vaccine and be provided with the next steps.

Vaccine availability at the State and National level continues to be very limited. For more information about the COVID-19 vaccination program, visit and click on the vaccination page.