City Council unanimously approves renaming Lomaland Community Center the Sylvia A. Carreon Community Center

El Paso City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to approve the renaming of the 2012 Quality of Life Bond, voter-approved, Lomaland Community Center to the Sylvia A. Carreon Community Center.

With the renaming, it is the first Community Center in the City of El Paso to be named after a Latina woman.

“It was my privilege to have supported and voted in favor for the renaming of this very anticipated signature Quality of Life Bond Community Center, located in our Mission Valley to be named after a strong community leader whose legacy has positively impacted many women athletes lives, has improved the lives of families and our community and has given neighborhoods a voice,” said City Representative Henry Rivera, District 7.

The Sylvia A. Carreon Community Center is currently undergoing construction and scheduled to be completed this fall.

The 31,000 square-foot building will have an upper terrace, deck, and a renovated soccer field. The center will have a double gymnasium, cardio weights room, auxiliary gymnasium, game space, community meeting room, community kitchen, community cyber lounge and an outdoor courtyard.

As a result of the COVID-19 health pandemic, the facility will not open to the public until it is safe to do so.

The $11 million for the center comes from the 2012 Quality of Life Bond. The project is also going to include an art piece that’ll mount patterned solar shades on the face of the building.