• June 24, 2022
 City of El Paso joins MALDEF, Other Texas Cities in Suit Against SB 4

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City of El Paso joins MALDEF, Other Texas Cities in Suit Against SB 4

The City of El Paso will be joining a lawsuit against Senate Bill (SB 4), also known as the Sanctuary Cities Bill, along with San Antonio, Austin, and several non-profit organizations.

This lawsuit is with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF) who is covering the expenses related to the suit. There will be no cost to El Paso tax payers.

Despite El Paso not being a sanctuary city, the City is concerned with provisions in SB 4 that raise questions related to the compliance and integration of the proposed bill in current law enforcement operations.

The City of El Paso is hopeful that the suit will prevent SB 4 from putting the responsibilities and duties of federal law enforcement agencies on the back of local law enforcement without training and clear guidance.

The unfunded mandate is expected to put additional strain on the El Paso Police Department, as SB 4 will add an extra requirement on the workforce that is already seeing a shortage in staff.

The City of El Paso has a long successful history of working alongside our federal law enforcement partners, to add additional mandates on local resources will only limit officers from performing their public safety responsibilities.

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