City of El Paso Tax Office Launches “Ask Laura”

The City of El Paso Tax Office, in partnership with the Purchasing and Strategic Sourcing Department, launched virtual information officer “Ask Laura,” an interactive online avatar on the Tax Office webpage.

“Ask Laura” will assist property taxpayers of El Paso in navigating the Tax Office’s website, provide an instant response to questions, and provide links for additional information.

Customer Service – “Ask Laura” provides users with a unique customer service experience by providing immediate information on topics that include how to pay property taxes online, how to print an online statement, how to set up a payment agreement, how to update mailing addresses or ownership information with the Central Appraisal District, and more.

Efficiency – “Ask Laura” will significantly reduce the amount of time that the Tax Office utilizes in responding to frequently asked questions, thus allowing the staff to be reassigned to other strategic initiatives.

“Ask Laura” is available by visiting the tax office’s webpage.