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El Paso Council Approves Funding for District Attorney’s Information Management System

The City Council approved an interlocal agreement with the County that will reimpliment the District Attorney’s Information Management System (DIMS) program that offers law enforcement officials efficiencies when filing criminal charges.

DIMS allows a prosecutor from the District Attorney’s Office to screen criminal cases presented by law enforcement officers and determine if prosecution is desired within hours of a person’s arrest, instead of weeks or months after an arrest.

As part of the agreement the City of El Paso will fund 31 percent of the total costs of the program and the County will fund 69 percent of the total costs.

“I am very happy that we were able to resolve the issues in the past DIMS program,” said City Police Chief Greg Allen. “This renewed agreement will benefit both the County, and the City of El Paso in utilizing law enforcement resources effectively.”

DIMS will significantly improve the procedures and resources utilized by the El Paso Police Department in connection with making arrests for criminal offenses classified as Class B Misdemeanors and higher.

As part of the agreement the District Attorney’s Office will provide police real-time screening services on a 24-hour basis. The program aims to reduce officer wait time, reduce the number of call backs, and reduce the number of declined criminal cases.

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