City Health Officials: Residents need to report COVID-19 positive results; Isolate, Quarantine to reduce exposure

Thursday evening, area health officials are urging residents to report COVID-19 positive cases when taking at-home test kits to avoid potential exposure and outbreak in our community, especially children attending school.

Health officials have received positive test result notices for about 140 at-home tests and advise that that at-home test kits can be a valuable tool in quickly identifying COVID-19 positive cases; however, residents must notify the proper individuals and isolate oneself to prevent exposing and infecting others.

“It is imperative that COVID-19 results be sent to the City of El Paso to help reduce exposure to others. If the person is a student, parents must notify the student’s school nurse and keep children isolated at home for ten (10) days in order to avoid a potential outbreak in our schools,” said Angela Mora, Public Health Director. “The use of at-home kits can be an easy step to get tested; however, positive results must be reported in order for the required investigation and contact tracing to take place.”

Additionally, anyone who was within six (6) feet of a positive person for fifteen minutes or more must quarantine for ten (10) days.

Anyone who has received a COVID-19 positive result is asked to send an email to [email protected] with a photo of the at-home testing kit results along with the positive person’s full name, date of birth, address and phone number.  

The public is reminded that the City offers free testing without an appointment at various City locations. For a complete listing of COVID-19 testing is available online.

Health official also urges eligible community members to get their first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses if they have not done so already. A complete listing of COVID-19 vaccine sites and Vaccine Pop-up Events can be found via this link.

Health officials remind the public to continue wearing face coverings, wash your hands frequently and maintain social distancing, regardless of whether you have or have not yet received the vaccine.

Additional information about COVID-19, can be found at; for our complete coverage of the pandemic, click here.