• January 24, 2022
 City Hires Archeological Firm to Begin Work Required by the Texas Antiquities Code

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City Hires Archeological Firm to Begin Work Required by the Texas Antiquities Code

The City has contracted Houston-based Moore Archeological Consulting, Inc. to conduct an archeological and historical review of the site located within the Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center (MPC) footprint as required by the Texas Antiquities Code.

The firm has conducted more than 700 major archeological projects and specializes in completing archeological investigations in urban settings.

“This is another major milestone in the development of this voter-approved bond project,” Laura Foster, City of El Paso Chief Architect, said. “Moore Archeological Consulting is a world-class firm and highly credentialed in the field of archeological and historical preservation. Welcoming these nationally-recognized experts to our team shows we are true to our commitment to remain respectful and in compliance with requirements of the Texas Historic Commission.”

The City also remains steadfast in complying with court orders related to the MPC.

A judgment issued in August 2017 by an Austin judge allowed the City to proceed to build a new multipurpose facility in the Union Plaza area in downtown.

The archeological review of the proposed MPC footprint is part of the development process for the project – the largest of the three signature bond projects overwhelming approved by voters.  A total of 71.67 percent of votes cast were in favor of the bond project.

The ordinance calling for the election stated the multipurpose center would be located in downtown.

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