• September 20, 2021
 City to Host Series of Open House Meetings Regarding Downtown Arena Next Week

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City to Host Series of Open House Meetings Regarding Downtown Arena Next Week

The City is hosting open-house style meetings, one per representative district, to increase community awareness about the multipurpose center project history, including the studies indicating the best location for the facility.

For nearly 20 years, studies conducted by the City have recommended a downtown multipurpose center, or arena, as a catalyst for economic development and attracting quality events and entertainment.

According to city officials, via the news release, “The location for the multipurpose center was set in November 2012, when voters approved the bond proposition for the 2012 Quality of Life Bond election.”

“The language of the full bond proposition stated the multipurpose center would be “located in downtown.” The ordinance and the election results supporting the bond program formed a contract between the City and the voters. Not delivering the project in downtown would break the City’s contract with voters, violate state law and expose the City to potential lawsuits,” officials stated via the release.

Studies conducted in 2001 and 2006 have identified the Union Plaza area as the preferred site for a multipurpose center. In 2012, Plan El Paso identified the Union Plaza area as a location that should be considered for a multipurpose center. A 2015 study reinforced finding by the 2001 and 2006 studies by identifying the Union Plaza area as the most favorable site for the MPC.

WHO:          City of El Paso

WHAT:         Open House Meetings

WHEN:        6 p.m.  to 7:30 p.m.

WHERE:      March 23: Andress High School, 5400 Sun Valley, cafeteria

March 27: Pebble Hills Elementary, 11145 Edgemere, gym

March 29: Mesita Elementary, 3307 Stanton, cafeteria

March 30: Bel-Air High School,  731 Yarbrough, cafeteria

April 3: Montwood High, 12000 Montwood, cafeteria

April 5: Grandview Senior Center, 3134 Jefferson

April 6: Convention Center in downtown

April 10Location TBA

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  • Had city council stuck with it’s original plans to build the downtown arena where it was slated to be built but instead made the choice to cave into the opposition demands last December 20 2016. And instead hold secrete meetings with the protestors in violation of the Texas open meeting laws; by now all people living in the arena footprint would have already been relocated to better living environments.
    Then ground could had been broken by this May, and construction started on the arena facility but instead more wasted time by this inept dysfunctional city council administration.The longer they continue to wait and hold more wasteful meetings the smaller and more expensive the arena becomes.
    Over the years many studies have been done about where the downtown arena should be built but in this town it’s business as usual like always.
    Cows may come and cows may go but the same BULL/S*** goes on forever.
    Meanwhile on a different topic!
    Speaking about cave ins to the opposition, the Meyers Group just did the same thing over at Shadow Mountain, first it was one tower and now they say it’s two towers and the end results will be No Tower!
    Only in El Paso….Sad, I mean really sad.

  • Here is something I don’t fully understand. The ballot did not say this arena was to be built downtown- that is not what we voted for, as far as location. With this in mind, what must we do in order to have this thing build in a different part of town?

    • I voted for the downtown arena because it was supposedly to had been built in downtown, otherwise I wouldn’t have voted for it at all. So where on earth have you been Steven Cottingham?
      Johnny come lately!
      Stop being a spoiler just like the rest of El Paso’s Naysayers, or hit the road jack!

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