City to Launch “Recycle Right El Paso” Campaign Tuesday

In an effort to bring awareness and re-educate residents, the City of El Paso Environmental Services Department will launch a Recycle Right El Paso campaign on National America Recycles Day, Tuesday, November 15, at 2 p.m. at the Municipal Services Center (7968 San Paulo.)

The Recycle Right El Paso campaign is designed to re-educate and refresh residents’ minds on recycling right. It reminds residents that plastic, cardboard, paper and aluminum should be placed in the blue recycling bin. The campaign emphasizes items that should never be placed in recycle bins, such as pizza boxes, yard waste, electronics and clothing.

The City began offering voluntary curbside recycling services in 2007. Recently, there has been a huge   increase of non-recyclable items placed in recycling bins. This has lead the City to pay a large increase in fees to Friedman Recycling Company, the recycling contractor.

Non-recyclable items can create a hazard for employees who sort recyclables and can damage the equipment at the processing facility.

For the past eight years the City has received revenue from recycle partner Friedman Recycling ranging from $675,000 to $1 million each year. Last year was the first time the City had to pay Friedman Recycling due to the large amounts of trash in the recycle bins. This year it is estimated that the City will pay upwards of $800,000 in penalty fees due to trash in recycling bins.

In order to re-educate residents, the Environmental Services Department has created a variety of recycle right messages that will be promoted on digital billboards and large stationary billboards across town. A Recycle Right El Paso website has been created. Additionally, tips and reminders about recycling will be promoted through Facebook and Twitter and various school presentations will help spread the word about the importance of recycling and recycling right.

The launch of the Recycle Right campaign coincides with National America Recycles Day that is celebrated every year on November 15. America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day and community-driven awareness event dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling.

More information and a complete list on what to recycle may be found on the Recycle Right El Paso website