Andres 'Ace' Acosta - Chief Photographer - El Paso Herald Post

City: Nativity Scene to be Reinstalled at San Jacinto Plaza

According to a late Monday news release, the city will be reinstalling the Nativity Scene at the newly renovated San Jacinto Plaza.

The lack of the Nativity had angered some El Pasoans, as it was missing from this weekend’s lighting ceremony. Some even pointed to the scene’s absence as yet another chapter in the ‘War against Christmas.’

Via a news release, Interim Managing Director Quality of Life, Dionne Mack stated, “The City of El Paso will install the nativity scene that’s been displayed at San Jacinto Plaza as part of a longtime tradition. The nativity scene will be visible as you drive on North Mesa.”

Mack added, “We hope everyone will have a chance to visit the Plaza and see the spectacular lights and decorations on display through January 8.”

The nativity scene should be installed by this weekend.