City of El Paso Celebrates Public Health ‘Thank You’ Day!

City of El Paso Celebrates Public Health ‘Thank You’ Day!

The City of El Paso is celebrating Public Health Professionals for their tireless and essential service today, November 21 during Public Health Thank You Day.

On the Monday before Thanksgiving, leading health organizations and others take time to show gratitude to the public health workforce for their devotion to protecting and improving the health of their community.

“We are extremely proud of El Paso’s public health workforce who have dedicated their lives, non-stop, to protect the community from the pandemic, while still fighting ongoing health threats, responding to emergencies, preventing disease and promoting vaccination,” said City-County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza. “We ask the community to join our efforts in thanking and celebrating our healthcare workers during Public Health Thank You Day!”

Public Health Thank You Day recognizes the tremendous strength of the public health workforce – local public health officials, epidemiologists, educators, and many others.

Public health personnel work in many facets, from community clinics to health departments to research labs and more.

The public health workforce helps ensure the community’s drinking water is clean, is protected against preventable diseases, receives basic medical needs, and much more.

Today, while the most dangerous pandemic in a century continues, the community is encouraged to show their gratitude to our public healthcare providers.

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