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City of El Paso Districting Commission Sets Deadline for Map Submission

The City of El Paso Districting Commission has set the deadline of Wednesday, March 2, 2022, for redistricting map submissions that will redraw the boundaries for all City Council districts and impact future council elections.

The March 2 deadline will allow for the map to be explained at the Districting Commission’s meeting on Wednesday, March 9.

The proposed maps are anticipated to be presented to the City Council in April and the final map is projected to be selected in May.

Residents can design and submit their own map proposals using a free online platform called Dave’s Redistricting to redraw new City Council district boundaries. Proposed maps should reflect the City’s population changes, according to the 2020 Census.

Information on map requirements and guidelines, how to submit a map proposal, to review proposed maps, and more is available at ElPasoTexas.gov/ShapeEP.


The process of redrawing district boundaries is conducted every ten years in alignment with the U.S. Census. The process is undertaken in order to guarantee equal voter representation.

On October 26, 2021, the City Council adopted a redistricting plan and resolution requiring the City to observe redistricting criteria in the adjustment of representative district boundaries. The new boundaries reflect changes in the city’s population.

Once finalized, the new districting map will remain in place for the next 10 years, or until the 2030 U.S. Census data is released.

The Districting Commissioners will use the Census data and public input to decide how to draw the new district boundaries to best reflect El Paso’s population changes.

The public can learn more about the Districting Commission, upcoming meetings, and the overall process by visiting ElPasoTexas.gov/ShapeEP.

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