Photo: City of El Paso

City of El Paso earns two top national rankings

Officials with the City of El Paso shared announcements regarding the city’s quality of life and recognition by national websites.

“The City of El Paso continues to climb up the national ranks as it receives two new national accolades for being the best place for rock climbing and having one of the friendliest neighborhoods,” officials shared via a Wednesday morning news release.

El Paso has been named as the #1 city on’s list of the 5 Best Places to Live for People Passionate about Rock Climbing.

The rock quality and the number of routes in Hueco Tanks and the Franklin Mountain State Park have put the Sun City at the top of the list.

In addition, recognizes El Paso’s quality of jobs in a variety of sectors, its rich culture, food, excellent healthcare and hip neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods in the City of El Paso are also in the national spotlight as and Resonance Consultancy have named Chihuahuita and Segundo Barrio as one of the 28 Friendliest Neighborhoods in U.S. Cities.

The two oldest neighborhoods in the City were established during the Mexican Revolution by fleeing immigrants. The neighborhoods’ Hispanic culture is vividly illustrated through murals found throughout the streets of Chihuahuita and Segundo Barrio.

Factors such as walkability, home affordability, public spaces and the prevalence of third spaces such as restaurants, cafes and more were taken into consideration to compile the list.