City Generic - Photo courtesy of City Govt.
City Generic - Photo courtesy of City Govt.

City of El Paso Encourages Community to Help Protect Parks, Report Vandalism

The Parks and Recreation Department, Streets and Maintenance Department, El Paso Police Department and Crime Stoppers of El Paso will be hosting a press conference to announce joint efforts in reporting vandalism that has plagued city parks and facilities

Vandalism repairs have cost the City more than $200,000 in the past two years.

“We are extremely disheartened to announce that this year we have seen an uptick in vandalism throughout our City parks and facilities,” said Ellen Smyth, City of El Paso Chief Transit and Field Operations Officer. “The defacing and damaging of public property is counterproductive to the millions of dollars the City has invested into parks, playgrounds, and recreation centers over the past five years. Not only does vandalism create eyesores and unsafe places, it forces us to use tax dollars on repairs. To deter vandalism we are asking the public to join us in this effort to protect your parks by staying vigilant and reporting vandalism.”

Vandalism in progress should be reported to 911. Vandalism may also be reported by calling 311 or CrimeStoppers at (915) 566-8477. Callers have the option to remain anonymous.

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