City of El Paso Public Library celebrates National Library Card Sign-Up Month

As September is National Library Card Sign-up month, the Public Library is celebrating by making it easier than ever to get a library card with the help of DC Comic’s Wonder Woman.

This year, the American Library Association selected Wonder Woman as an Honorary Chair and national spokesperson for Library Card Sign-Up Month 2020.

“A founding member of the Justice League, Wonder Woman is known for strength, compassion and truth,” library officials shared. “She is the perfect ambassador to support the value of learning and the role libraries play in transforming lives and strengthening communities through education.”

Library cards are available to all residents of El Paso, free of charge.

“The invaluable educational tool opens a world of opportunities for everyone to borrow books, music, videos, magazines movies and more using the library curbside service,” officials said.

“Armed with a library card, anyone can access the library’s digital services and download eBooks, audio books, music, magazines, movies, television shows and more.”

In addition, students and teachers can take advantage of online education services such as research articles and practice exams (ACT, SAT, or ASVAAB, Civil Service tests).

“Reading helps brain development and provides a solid foundation of the language and literacy skills. Opening a book encourages children to travel to faraway places and let their imagination soar,” library officials added.

On this mission, Wonder Woman reminds the public that there is nothing more empowering than signing up for a library card. To obtain a free library card, click on the Temporary Service Measures link on the El Paso Public Library website.