City of San Elizario supports County Judge’s order to shut down

Monday afternoon, officials with the City of San Elizario released the following statement, in support of County Judge Ricardo Samaniego’s ‘Stay at Home Order.’

Last week County Judge Ricardo Samaniego ordered that all nonessential businesses shut down for two weeks in an effort to control a spike in the number of coronavirus cases and hospitalizations.  The impact of this spike includes the City of San Elizario.

As the health and welfare of our citizens is of utmost importance, the City strongly urges everyone to stay at home as much as possible and to comply with the nightly curfew and other directives of the County’s order.  While this temporary shut-down will be difficult for everyone, it is imperative that each one of us do our part to follow the order and slow the spread of the virus.

We also know the importance of education and sports in San Elizario.  But in this difficult time, the City joins in with the County Judge and strongly encourages the SEISD to provide educational services remotely and suspend all extracurricular activities, including sports, for the next two weeks.  Finally, we all must be vigilant in following the basic recommendations of the CDC and wear masks, socially distance and wash our hands frequently.

As stated by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, we are hopeful that the citizens of San Elizario will understand the seriousness of this issue and voluntarily comply with the Judge’s order.  The City Marshal and his deputies will be working in cooperation with the Sheriff in enforcing the Judge’s order and to keep our city safe.