• January 23, 2022
 City Opposes $41.8 Million El Paso Electric Rate Case Increase

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City Opposes $41.8 Million El Paso Electric Rate Case Increase

The City of El Paso and twelve other intervenors are currently participating in the Public Utility Commission of Texas public hearing regarding El Paso Electric’s proposed rate increase.

In June 2021, the City Council voted unanimously to suspend the rate increase proposed by El Paso Electric (EPE) for its Texas retail customers. EPE filed an application for a rate case proposing an annual net increase to its base rate of $41.8 million. Under the proposed rate increase, the typical residential customer would see an average increase of about $10.54 a month.

Since December 2021, the City has been working with El Paso Electric and the other intervenors to come to a settlement. The City has continued to engage in settlement discussions while also participating in the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) public hearing.

“In order to protect El Paso residents from steep increase in their electricity bills, the City has been very proactive in the rate case,” said City Attorney Karla Nieman. “We have engaged outside counsel and numerous experts to oppose large increases. In the previous five rate cases filed by EPE since January 1994, our advocacy has resulted in nearly $155 million in savings.”

The public hearing is expected to continue through Tuesday, January 19. The public hearing is accessible to the public at:



Meeting ID: 160 938 1556

Passcode: EPE-2022

By Phone:

(669) 254-5252

Meeting ID: 160 938 1556

Passcode: 34406478

The proposed rate increase is in addition to the increases associated with the proposed Advanced Metering System filed on April 19, 2021; the Energy Efficiency Program filed on May 3, 2021; and the recent adjustments for fuel costs under collection made effective during the first billing cycle of May 2021. Furthermore, EPE recently filed an additional fuel surcharge on September 15, 2021, in an effort to recover an under collection of fuel costs of nearly $45 million. Together, and once fully implemented, these rate adjustments could result in an average monthly bill increase of approximately $25.03.

In its application, EPE cites the need to recover costs associated with over $953 million in investments made into its generation, transmission and distribution system, since its last base rate case filed in early 2017.

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