FILE PHOTO: Migrants head to Sun Metro Buses shortly before Christmas 2018 after being released in El Paso | Photo by Andra Litton

City prepares for possible Migrant Surge

Wednesday night, officials with the City of El Paso released a brief statement, announcing that the city had begun preparations for a possible migrant surge.

According to officials, the City of El Paso and Office of Emergency Management are coordinating with local nonprofit organizations, community groups and federal immigration enforcement agencies to prepare for a possible migrant surge.

“The proactive preparation have been activated in response to possible immigration policy changes at the federal level, as well as the additional challenges our community is facing, in light of the COVID-19  pandemic,” officials stated via a brief press release.

In previous years, when addressing these types of humanitarian events, the City of El Paso has assisted with transportation, temporary housing, and safety and security support, as outlined by state and federal guidelines.

In late 2018 and early 2019, thousands of migrants were released into the community, with little more than the clothes on their backs.  The sudden surge jolted the community into action, and within hours, food, clothing, supplies, lodging, and transportation were arranged by scores of volunteers and organizations.