• January 25, 2022
 City to Honor Preservation Efforts of Downtown’s Martin Building

City to Honor Preservation Efforts of Downtown’s Martin Building

The recently rehabilitated Martin Building in downtown with its signature ElectriCity rooftop marquee will soon showcase another notable achievement.

On Tuesday, City Council approved a resolution to award a historic building plaque to the building located at 215 North Stanton, which turns 101 this year. The award honors historic buildings that are 50 years or older, rehabilitated or maintained in good condition, and must comply with all municipal codes and ordinances.

“It is an honor to recognize the efforts of local developers to preserve and renew our historic buildings. Preserving our history and architecture is of the upmost importance and will continue to play a pivotal role during our downtown revitalization efforts,” said Jessica Herrera, Economic and International Development Department Director.

The Martin Building’s $7.4 million rehabilitation by local businessman Lane Gaddy was completed in 2016. The building features seven floors with its five upper floors converted into 42 apartment lofts, the second floor serving as office space and the first floor housing retail space.

It was constructed in 1916–17 for M.D. Roberts and William Martin Banner as an office building. The development was part of the expansion of downtown El Paso as the result of major growth in the city in the 1910s and 1920s.

The Martin Building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is part of El Paso’s historic building preservation efforts.

According to a release by the City of  El Paso, since 2013, more than $250 million in public and private funds have been invested in the restoration of historic structures and the economic revitalization of downtown.

City of El Paso

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