• May 19, 2022
 Capital Improvement Department to Hold Re-Imagining Cohen Community Meeting

Cohen Stadium | Photo: birdair.com

Capital Improvement Department to Hold Re-Imagining Cohen Community Meeting

Next Monday, community members are invited to city meeting to help shape the comprehensive master plan for the Cohen Stadium site.

The stadium is located at 9700 Gateway Boulevard North in Northeast El Paso.

The development of a master plan is initiated and completed before a project enters the design phase to ensure the site is developed in an orderly, efficient, and cost-effective manner that allows the public the opportunity to provide their comments and input.

The development of a master plan is the first step in the process to evaluate the potential land uses and redevelopment alternatives for the site.

The Future Project will:

  • Revitalize the Cohen Stadium site
  • Provide a catalyst for development in Northeast El Paso
  • Create a regional project
  • Become destination point

The master plan is expected to be completed in early 2018.

WHO:            City of El Paso Capital Improvement Department and City Representative Sam Morgan of District 4

WHAT:          Community meeting on Cohen Stadium site

WHEN:          6 pm on Monday, October 23, 2017

WHERE:        El Paso Community College Transmountain Campus, 9570 Gateway Boulevard (Foyer of the Administration Building)

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  • This is a sad day for Northeast!

    As I am a life long Northeaster of almost 60 years the northeast will always be my home I have to say something!

    It is a shame the the city of El Paso looks down on us out here, they just look to us as a way to pay for things in other parts of El Paso.

    A prime example of these facts are the “”Transit transfer center and a lot of businesses that refuse to come out here as the city has pushed our low income base and bad image as a place NOT to do business.. I attended a few meetings were companies like CVS and Johnny Rockets were advised that the northeast is not the place to come and open Busnesses..

    When working on the Northeast Transfer center we received a letter from Dr Noe stating the his area of El Paso would NOT support the center in Northeast and the his area would not like to help pay for this center (letter can be supplied)!

    Cohan Stadium was built to replace the “El Paso Diablos” ” Dudley Dome” in central,, and northeast embraced it as ours and supported. We had many great games and shows out here with little to few problems..

    The down fall of this well built center was the fact that the city of El Paso just did not care and refused to help save it and a great example of this FACT is the awning..

    Destination El Paso said it was a great venue for its concerts and other events 3 years ago, the manager of that group had the balls to state Cohan has the “The Best Water Lawn in El Paso” and the concerts would be great!!! Yup that worked out well, how many shows were preformed here with the help of the city??? What about the city attempting the the El Paso Ice Cream Festival!

    We need to flood the meeting and demand that our area of El Paso be equally treated and that something useful be done with this venue and NOT Bull dozed!

  • Give El Paso something other than another place to waste their money on Alcohol!
    El Paso needs to stand out!
    Motorsports it a great avenue, it already hosts a great past time that engages many.
    Give a facility with extreme sports that can build a healthier community.

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