City reducing numbers entering ‘big box stores;’ Aims to reduce infections

Monday evening, officials with the City of El Paso announced that they have been working with various ‘big box stores’ to limit the capacity by returning to counting the number of customers entering the store.

Walmart has advised that they will return to what is called “metering” in order to limit the number of customers inside a single store at one time.

“Because the City cannot restrict capacity at essential businesses, my office has contacted several big box retailers,” said Mayor Dee Margo. “Voluntarily limiting capacity is an example of businesses working with the City to help slow the spread of COVID-19. I am appreciative of Walmart setting this example, and I urge other retailers to also limit the number of in-store customers.”

Dr. Hector Ocaranza, City-County Health Authority, said, “We are very grateful for the cooperation we have received from the various big box stores, particularly to Walmart who has voluntarily opted to return to counting the number of people entering their store.

“We continue reminding everyone to please stay home whenever possible and limit your outing to essential activities,” Dr. Ocaranza added. “If you must go to the store, we ask that you choose only one person in the household to carry out those essential activities such as grocery shopping or pick up medicines.”

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