City Reminds Vendors: Permits Required to Sell Valentine’s Day Items

As the Valentine’s Day rush kicks in, the Code Compliance Division of the Environmental Services Department (ESD) reminds the public wanting to set up temporary “pop-up” shops that it is against City ordinance to sell anything on sidewalks, parkways, streets, street medians or any public right-of-ways.

In order to sell goodies like chocolates, flowers and bears on lots or other property, vendors must have a permit.

A vendor’s license, temporary placement permit and permission from a property owner are required.

These permits may be obtained at the One Stop Shop, 811 Texas Avenue. Placement permits are only good for the actual address shown on the permit.

Vendors cannot sell across the street or in adjacent lots.

Code Compliance Officers can take action if a vendor is operating without a permit.

For more information on permits, call the One Stop Shop at (915) 212-0104 or visit their website.