City, State Leaders to judge contest promoting Census Participation at 34 Tropicana Properties Apartment Communities

Tropicana Properties is partnering with the Census Bureau to host a special contest at their 34 properties throughout El Paso County.

As part of regional Census push for form completion, officials hope the “Be Counted” Chalk Contest will encourage over 3,500 households to fill out their 2020 Census forms.

According to Tropicana Properties officials, participants are challenged to draw images of what counts to them on their front porches of their homes, and to submit them to the Tropicana Properties Facebook account, where judges will choose the winners.

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo, will be one of the handful of city leaders who will judge this exciting event.

“The 2020 Census results affect everything from our representation in the U.S. Congress to distribution of critical federal funding, not to mention our own city planning for such vital services as roads and emergency services,” said Mayor Dee Margo. “I am honored to serve as a judge for the “Be Counted” contest and bring attention to this critical process in a creative way.”

Along with Mayor Margo, other judges will include Susan Goodell, CEO of El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Foodbank; Mary Gonzalez – District 75 State Representative; Peter Svarzbein – District 1 City Representative; and Alexsandra Annello – District 2 City Representative.

“Be Counted” Chalk Contest brings positivity and solidarity to the various communities while doing something fun and interactive, keeping social distancing guidelines, Tropicana officials shared.

“Everyone should take a few minutes to fill out their 2020 Census forms. It is important that we are all counted, especially because it is what helps our community receive funding. Census results are what industries use to consider El Paso when they are looking to open new locations, so this is our due diligence as El Pasoans. Our ‘Be Counted’ contest is a way to bring this awareness to thousands of our residents”, said Demetrio Jimenez, Vice-President of Tropicana Properties.

In addition to cash prizes, winners will receive various gift cards to local restaurants and goodies from the Census Bureau.

The Contest will kick off on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25 and is only open to current residents of Tropicana Properties residing at any of their 34 communities.

All participants are asked to follow the rules posted on Tropicana Properties social media accounts and their website.

Winners will be announced Friday, May 29 on the Tropicana Properties Facebook page. The grand prize winner will have a chance to receive $1,000.