City to Assist TXDOT with Carolina Bridge Reconstruction Project

Starting Sunday, November 6, 2016, the contractor for the Carolina Bridge Reconstruction project will utilize the proposed site for the Alameda Community Center, located at 7380 Alameda Avenue, as a waiting area for delivery trucks.

This will prevent delivery trucks from having to stand and wait along Alameda Avenue.

The area will be utilized for approximately six weeks, and is necessary in order to help alleviate potential traffic congestion related to reconstruction of the Carolina Bridge and ensure timely delivery of construction material as part of the bridge construction.

The Carolina Bridge Reconstruction project is being managed by the Texas Department of Transportation and encompasses the removal and replacement of the existing bridge and its approaches located at the intersections of Alameda Avenue and Stiles Drive.

This will allow the Texas Department of Transportation to complete the project on schedule, and when complete the bridge will have one lane in each direction, left turn lanes at each intersection, pedestrian sidewalks and ramps on both sides of the bridge as well as decorative fencing.