Clint ISD offers needed medical equipment from shuttered academy

In an effort to share available resources to help the community combat COVID-19 (Coronavirus), officials with Clint ISD announced they are offering needed medical equipment to local hospitals in the El Paso area.

According to district public information officer Laura Cade, the Clint ISD Health Professions Academy located at Mountain View High School is closed and houses equipment and supplies that can immediately be used by local hospitals.

Equipment such as hospital beds and stretchers, as well as supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and hospital pillows will be offered to community hospitals in need.

CISD officials added that they invite other school districts throughout the El Paso area to do the same.

According to the Mountain View High website, the specialty school is open to all students from the area:

“The Center of Health Professions at Mountain View is a health care professional preparation program offered to students throughout El Paso area.

Students that join in can choose from four available pathways where they will gain hand-on experience in a health care setting.”

Clint ISD Health Professionals Academy | photo courtesy