Cloud IT Infrastructure Provider Wiwynn headed to Borderplex

Officials with the Borderplex Alliance, the City of El Paso, and El Paso County announced Tuesday that Wiwynn is expanding in the Borderplex region.

Robin Wang, Vice President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Wiwynn Corporation, said,“We’re enthusiastic about the Borderplex region. Everything we need to succeed is right here. Our thanks to The Borderplex Alliance, City of El Paso, and El Paso Country for their partnership and helping us make expansion a reality.”

Wiwynn is a cloud IT infrastructure provider of high-quality computing and storage products, plus rack solutions for leading data centers. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, the company’s clients include public cloud and social media service giants.

“We look forward to Wiwynn and their talented employees expanding in our community,” Oscar Leeser, Mayor of El Paso, said. “We are grateful to our partners at The Borderplex Alliance and El Paso County for their dedication and partnership in attracting jobs and companies to our region.”

Wiwynn generated $6 billion in revenue last year and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide, including Ciudad Juárez.

El Paso County Judge Ricardo A. Samaniego said, “This community is laser-focused on building a favorable environment for business and a strong workforce. Wiwynn is proof positive that our collaboration is working. Thank you to The Borderplex Alliance and City of El Paso.”

“High tech and future-focused, Wiwynn is a welcomed expansion in our community. They will diversify our economic base and help us lay the groundwork for future economic growth in our region,” Jon Barela, CEO of The Borderplex Alliance, added.

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As an OCP (Open Compute Project) solution provider and platinum member, Wiwynn actively participates in advanced computing and storage system designs while constantly implementing the benefits of OCP into traditional data centers. | Photo courtesy Wiwynn