Coalition for the Common Good celebrates $2M in emergency funding from City, County

Representatives from the Coalition for the Common Good welcomed action by the City and County of El Paso to direct $2 million in emergency funding to support those left behind in the borderland during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The funding,  $1.5 million from the City and $500,000 from the County, will go to support tens of thousands of families and small business owners in the borderland who were excluded from CARES Act stimulus funding.

“Today’s action by the city and county reflects the hard work of our coalition to ensure that our neighbors who have been left behind in this crisis aren’t forgotten,” said Laura Ponce, executive director of Project BRAVO, a local social service agency. “We’re ready to get to work to get help to those most in need.”

In partnership with the coalition, the El Paso Community Foundation recently created the “Fund for the Common Good,” to receive funding from the city and county, as well as private donations, for the cash assistance program.

The Coalition for the Common Good includes local social service agencies, immigrant rights organizations, faith-based groups and the philanthropic community, as well as Texas State Senator José Rodriguez.

Dylan Corbett, executive director of the Hope Border Institute, a local faith-based social justice organization, said, “Today’s announcement is the fruit of a lot of hard work by so many organizations that came together to put the needs of the most vulnerable first in this time of crisis. In our borderlands community, we will fight to make sure everyone has a place at the table and no one is excluded. This funding from the city and county is an essential first step. We’ll continue to work to help struggling El Pasoans and make sure we get through this crisis together.”

The coalition has come together to collaborate on innovative and effective ways to provide critical emergency support to the most vulnerable impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

“Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach walks alongside hundreds of youth and families in the Rio Grande neighborhood of central El Paso,” said Sami DiPasquale, Executive Director, Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach.

“These families form the fabric of our community and include our neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, community leaders and members of our faith communities. For a variety of reasons many have been excluded from COVID 19 stimulus funding, and their already vulnerable situations are now even more precarious.”

Gloria Amesquita, Executive Director, Mexicanos en el Exilio added, “For weeks we have heard from Borderland families struggling to keep up with their bills. We are grateful to see local government respond to this need. We are proud to be part of this coalition working to get thousands of families the assistance they need and deserve to stay afloat through this crisis. This money will be an invaluable lifeline for our families. Still, we know that even with this generous support the need exceeds the assistance made available today. We, and this coalition, will keep working so that everyone gets the help they need during this pandemic.”

The Coalition for the Common Good Includes: Abara Borderland Connections; Catholic Charities of Southern New Mexico; Ciudad Nueva Community Outreach; Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services (DMRS); Diocese of El Paso; El Paso Community Foundation; El Paso Health Sciences and Policy Research Group; Hope Border Institute; Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center; Mexicanos en el Exilio; Paso del Norte Community Foundation; Project BRAVO; Project Vida and Texas State Senator José Rodriguez.