Concert Tour for Foster Awareness set to make stop in El Paso

“A Place to Stay – Tour for Foster Awareness,” a Texas-wide concert tour with a special message about the foster care system will be stopping in the Sun City later this month.

The event, which will feature music from award-winning songwriters Radney Foster and Kyle Hutton, is designed to shed light on the children in the foster care system, while educating community members on how to become part of the solution.

“There are kids in every community in Texas that need a safe place to stay” says Hutton. “Radney and I both have very personal connections with adoption and foster care, and The Foster EP is our plea to fellow Texans to take notice of the kids in our communities that need help.”

Not only will show attendees have the opportunity to hear Foster’s hits, they will hear the songs and stories behind The Foster EP, a collaboration between Foster and Kyle Hutton, a songwriter, adoptee and foster parent.

Radney, known for hits as an artist including “Nobody Wins”, “Just Call Me Lonesome” and “Crazy Over You” also boasts a string of number one hits as a songwriter from songs recorded by Keith Urban, Sara Evans, The Dixie Chicks, Jack Ingram and more.

According to Paul Zimmerman, spokesman for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, right now in the El Paso area there are 71 children eligible for adoption.

“Eligible, meaning that the system has already run its course and determined that the biological parents aren’t able to care for their children,” Zimmerman shared. “In total there are 341 kids in the El Paso area in state care, and more than 27,000 statewide in Texas.”

The tour is scheduled to make a stop in El Paso on Sunday, March 29th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at The Rock Faith Center Church located at 11201 Armour Drive.

To learn more about the tour, to watch inspiring videos and get free tickets, visit the tour’s website and check out the Event page on Facebook.

For information on how to become a licensed foster/adoption home, visit the DFPS ‘about’ page by clicking here.