Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo

Construction starts on Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in West El Paso

Construction has officially begun on Alamo Drafthouse Cinema-Montecillo with the first of many tilt-up panels being raised to form El Paso’s Alamo Drafthouse.

IMG_0031“I want to make sure that the people of El Paso know that the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is indeed coming to Montecillo and we are ready and excited to be a part of this amazing community,” said Triple Tap Ventures LLC President, Neil Billingsley-Michaelsen.

Aside from construction, major preparation is going on behind the scenes to ensure that Alamo Drafthouse-Montecillo is well staffed. The theater has been hard at work forming its management team, training future Creative Directors, and recruiting staff.Interested candidates can send their resumes to and learn more about Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema provides a unique combination of theater and restaurant, showing first-run and independent films along with special event programming, and featuring an extensive made from scratch menu in state-of-the-art culinary kitchens.

Guests order from servers who quietly serve them throughout the movie. Guests are encouraged to arrive early to enjoy curated pre- show entertainment. Instead of a barrage of advertising, Alamo Drafthouse presents a pre-show of rare (and often hilarious) clips that are tailored specifically to the feature film.

Additionally, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema protects the theater experience with a zero tolerance policy for people who disrupt the film with talking or texting. The full story on the long tradition of Alamo’s no talking/texting policy can be foundhere

The best way for El Pasoans to stay up to date on all Alamo Drafthouse-Montecillo announcements and be the first to know about grand opening events is to join the Alamo Drafthouse Victory Program. Victory is the Alamo Drafthouse’s free rewards program, where every member enjoys at least three free movies a year and additional surprise rewards.

Also, all of the latest news and updates can be found by following the Alamo Drafthouse-Montecillo twitter (@AlamoEP) and Facebook ( accounts.

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