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Regarding archives, old stories or photos:

The original El Paso Herald Post was shuttered in October of 1997.  A portion of the paper’s archives are available online, however there is a charge to view and download specific dates or articles.

Here in El Paso, the microfiche archives are housed at the Downtown El Paso Library and at the University of Texas at El Paso’s library . Both are physical archives and can only be searched on site, not online.


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We encourage the interaction of local community members and the Herald Post. However there are some guidelines to remember:

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Regarding Corrections, Standards and Ethics.

We here at the El Paso Herald Post hold ourselves to the highest standards of journalism.  From a stylistic standpoint, we follow the current AP Stylebook.

Our standards are set by the leading publications of our time, and we follow the New York Times example for standards and ethics.

Corrections, when needed will appear in the original story, as well as any digital platform the original content appeared on.  The correction will be clearly defined and explained.


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