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Sunday , June 16 2019
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  1. Hello,

    How can I get events announced on the Herald Post?

  2. Wow! I got freaked out during a search when I saw “El Paso Herald Post”. Congratulations! I wish you and all your team the best.

  3. Mary bowles gasca

    This is mary bowles gasca. This is a great nrwspaper. I like it. Please contact me

  4. Does anyone out there know the height of the proposed new building downtown? It had been reported last week that with 18 floors it would be the tallest so far. The Wells Fargo building is 295 ft. tall and has 21 floors. I’m trying to find out if WF’s building will still be taller by virtue of the 21 floors.
    Thank you for any FYI. Stay cool this hot summer.

    • Comment Section Moderator

      According to Wikipedia, the Wells Fargo Building will remain the tallest in town, at 21 stories; the new tower is – as you pointed out – only 18 stories.

      • Correction! the Wells Fargo Bank Building will become the second tallest after the WestStar Bank Building is completed. The Wells Fargo’s official height is at 21 stories 296 feet tall. The WestStar Bank will be 18 floors tall at 313 feet high, as the tower will have a slanted fin from the ground level stretching upwards. Hovering over the top of the entire building and back down to the ground level on the Wyoming Street side.
        Architectural rendering shows that the Fin section will be at it’s highest point, 313 feet on Missouri Street side of the building slanting North at it’s lowest point.

  5. Want my vote? OK, what’s your PLAN to warming global reverse? is subject of contact with newspapers.

    I have an initiative to avoid repeat of 2016, when questions about the role of Good Governance could play to reverse global warming were not answered, or asked.

    I have contacted ~350 mid-term candidates, mostly those going against incumbents, ~150 newspapers, ~50 environmental groups, ~16 polling organizations, and am now contacting Environmental Law Centers, offering the information below. Link which I Tweeted to @epheraldpost from @warmingXglobal Sept 26 >

    Your comments on my initiative to support mid-term candidates, and others, who break the strategy of being mute on global warming are welcome! I will be happy to work this into a LTE or opinion, though I’m working alone on this initiative.

  6. I am sending you this message because you have already written about Saint Paul.

    The church of San Pablo has a second-hand store. This store has many problems.

    First, the woman who works behind the counter sells her own personal item in the store. You can not mix a business that makes money with one that is not. Benefit and not benefit.

    I tried to buy some things in the store and watched as a woman went to buy clothes and then some things from the woman behind the counter. Everything was added even after the lady said that it is her jewel that does not sell the stores.

    Below are the things you give to this store as donations. Sometimes it ends up being destroyed or the woman who works in the office takes it home. I know for a fact. I have seen this happen. It happened to me.

    How is it that this place can do this? Why are you mixing business with church business? That is wrong.

    Please, watch this for all of us.

    Thank you,


  7. Hello and good morning. My name is David. I manage the El Paso Roderick Artspace Loft Apartments. We are a artist preference apartment community. Currently we are accepting applicants to be put on our waiting list. If you have a website or perhaps a distributed news article, we would very much like to be included. We are continually looking to spread the word to find artist that would like to live at Artspace. Working together with organizations such as yours helps us to reach out to the artist community and let them know there is a place they can call home to be among fellow artists. Please give me a call and let me know if you can assist us in our endeavors. Thank you for your time and I look forward to conversing with you !

  8. ELP Herald-Post,

    Why do you allow folks in the comment section like this? You really need to police up that section.


    • Forum Administrator

      As those commenting are using isp verified emails and these are their actual opinions and comments, we prefer to allow all our users to comment with out fear of deletion or editing. Thanks for your question.

      • So you allow bullying, name calling, lies, profanity, hate speech etc.?


        • Forum Administrator

          Free speech. Thanks for asking.

          • The dumbest people on this planet are all DEMONCRAPS

            I have sympathy for rank-and-file Democrats who are demoralized today. Their entire party leadership, aided and abetted by a liberal news media establishment, fed them a steady diet of bullshit that just didn’t pan out. I’d be angry, too. They put their trust in a group of snake oil salesman and wound up ripped off. As an electoral matter, voters should turn away from a Democrat Party that just tore the country apart on a total lie. What’s next for the Democrats is that they’ve lost a key tool for invigorating their base — the prospect of impeaching Trump, which is what they are counting on to goose Democrat turnout. No collusion, no impeachment. They’ve just dropped their spear in the toilet with this Mueller report. Unable to use the Mueller report as a tool, the only thing they will have left is promoting socialism, which is their undifferentiated platform, no matter who their candidate is. Socialism has been found to be the biggest turnoff to voters, according to a recent poll. Good luck on that one, fucking morons. Democrats and their mainstream media sycophants (to include this one) wailed for months that they had evidence showing Trump colluded with Russia—all the while ignoring the evidence that KKKillary Clinton the Odumbo colluded with at least one foreign government. Congressional Democrats knew there was no evidence pointing toward THE PRISIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES TRUMP collusion, but they continued to confuse and mislead the public in order to score political points, again deliberate lies being pushed by this and other lying media idiots.

          • Every time the deep state loses a battle to get rid of Trump, their insane rage becomes more uncontrolled. Their lawlessness, lies, deceptions and violence become more extreme. These people are evil and dangerous. This sham investigation was not anything like the administration of justice. It was part of, as people say but we’ve stopped being shocked when we hear it, a soft coup. It was a deliberate attempt by the powerful to use the levers of government to eliminate a threat to the ruling class’s hold on political power by manufacturing a false narrative with the active assistance of those in government and media whose whole job is to prevent these sorts of fascist shenanigans. Democrats may regret their years of hyperventilation over allegations of foreign “collusion” to influence a presidential election. In what amounts to slow-motion political jujitsu, the nefarious acts attributed to the Trump campaign may end up being applied to the obama administration and Hillary campaign. A formal criminal investigation already is being launched overseas, making an American counterpart investigation awkward to suppress.
            “Eat shit, liberals! You’re wrong. You suck. We win again. You lose again. That means today was a great day. When the liberal media loses, the country wins.”


            There once was this wanker from Texas,
            He liked to think he spoke Spanish,
            But he didn’t know,
            It soon would be shown,
            That everyone knew he was named Francis

        • There once was this wanker from Texas,
          He liked to think he spoke Spanish,
          But he didn’t know,
          It soon would be shown,
          That everyone knew he was named Francis

    • TXrngr – I agree with you. But since the “Forum Administrator” informs us its all free speech.. GAME ON!!!


      I saw nothing wrong in the article:

      I personally would like to have a discussion on exactly what the 10,000 lies are that Trump has told.
      Put them down so that they can be fact checked by a truly independent source. Not Swoopes! It is owned Soros. Someone who like Nadler,
      has great animosity toward the President.

  9. MAGA! Mexicans Ain't Going Away!PERIOD!

    Not so fast republicanus neanderthalus! Y’ALL have double standards, and you can’t take it when us liberals call out Donald Trump for his corruption,bigotry and racism.
    Over at the KVIA forum you have complete control of that forum,you dominate and the KVIA director allows you to have your way.
    Even when you use profanity, and profanity you do use as you constantly attack all democrats with your name calling. Then you retreat and delete the commentators post,just as long as it was an anti Donald Trump.
    But your rants continue otherwise, No democrat better not dare venture to the KVIA forum.
    I myself found a more peaceful forum where I could post my comments without getting attack by the deplorable right wing creeps.
    I started posting here on the El Paso Herald Post with my full identity, and Mad Mike 272,aka Michael Towne found me posting here.
    And so here we go, everyone from the KVIA forum came over here to the El Paso Herald Post knowing that I was posting here.
    It use to be free speech here on the El Paso Herald Post, so I called their moderator and he told me it’s a first amendment right. I did so when you right wing nut jobs used profanity on me here on the EPH-Post.
    So I said, OK, I have a Navy sailors vocabulary mouth,let’s go for it, free game.
    I call you out, and it became an pathetic attack from Y’ALL. Just like you republicans all do at Donald Trump’s campaign hate rallies. Remember your chants: LOCK HER UP?
    HA HA HA HA! Paul Manafort is already in prison, and Donald Trump’s lawyer,the fixer Michael Cohen is next in line. And you scream bloody murder for one of president Obama’s appointees, Gregory Graig? That’s what he deserves for hanging out with Paul Manafort.
    37 indictments for idiots that follow crooked Donald Trump! including some Russians that will never see an American courthouse.
    No one in the Obama administration ever was indicted or went to prison, as the Mueller report was unveiled to the man that auditioned for the attorney general job. In order to protect Donald Trump and cover up for him.
    That’s why all you republicanus neanderthalus are upset, you took your victory lap and went off a cliff! when Donald Trump said he was exonerated by the Mueller report. He wasn’t, William Barr exonerated Donald Trump. PREMATURELY!
    Thank God we won back the United States Congress in the 2018 midterm elections! And we will get back the United States Senate in 2020.
    So Mueller’s gone but the party is just getting started!
    As Walter Mercado use to say on the Topix Forum! don’t be tardy for the party, that means you trumpTURDS!

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Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
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