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Tuesday , October 23 2018
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  1. Hello,

    How can I get events announced on the Herald Post?

  2. Wow! I got freaked out during a search when I saw “El Paso Herald Post”. Congratulations! I wish you and all your team the best.

  3. Mary bowles gasca

    This is mary bowles gasca. This is a great nrwspaper. I like it. Please contact me

  4. Does anyone out there know the height of the proposed new building downtown? It had been reported last week that with 18 floors it would be the tallest so far. The Wells Fargo building is 295 ft. tall and has 21 floors. I’m trying to find out if WF’s building will still be taller by virtue of the 21 floors.
    Thank you for any FYI. Stay cool this hot summer.

    • Comment Section Moderator

      According to Wikipedia, the Wells Fargo Building will remain the tallest in town, at 21 stories; the new tower is – as you pointed out – only 18 stories.

  5. Want my vote? OK, what’s your PLAN to warming global reverse? is subject of contact with newspapers.

    I have an initiative to avoid repeat of 2016, when questions about the role of Good Governance could play to reverse global warming were not answered, or asked.

    I have contacted ~350 mid-term candidates, mostly those going against incumbents, ~150 newspapers, ~50 environmental groups, ~16 polling organizations, and am now contacting Environmental Law Centers, offering the information below. Link which I Tweeted to @epheraldpost from @warmingXglobal Sept 26 >

    Your comments on my initiative to support mid-term candidates, and others, who break the strategy of being mute on global warming are welcome! I will be happy to work this into a LTE or opinion, though I’m working alone on this initiative.

  6. I am sending you this message because you have already written about Saint Paul.

    The church of San Pablo has a second-hand store. This store has many problems.

    First, the woman who works behind the counter sells her own personal item in the store. You can not mix a business that makes money with one that is not. Benefit and not benefit.

    I tried to buy some things in the store and watched as a woman went to buy clothes and then some things from the woman behind the counter. Everything was added even after the lady said that it is her jewel that does not sell the stores.

    Below are the things you give to this store as donations. Sometimes it ends up being destroyed or the woman who works in the office takes it home. I know for a fact. I have seen this happen. It happened to me.

    How is it that this place can do this? Why are you mixing business with church business? That is wrong.

    Please, watch this for all of us.

    Thank you,


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