• January 28, 2022
 Video+Story: Cooley Students Receive Lesson in Bike Safety, New Helmets

Video+Story: Cooley Students Receive Lesson in Bike Safety, New Helmets

Spring is around the corner and the warmer weather means more children will be out riding their bicycles.

Before they hop on their bikes for the season students at Cooley Elementary School recently received a special lesson on bicycle safety and even got some special safety gear from a state think-tank that hopes to prevent bumps and bruises among children.

The Austin-based Elbowz Racing group met with 150 students at Cooley last week to teach them about proper riding techniques and show them how they can safely ride to school every day.

“We have a lot of kids who love to ride their bikes and we know it’s a healthy way to get to and from school,” said Abby Diaz, a teacher at Cooley who helped organize the visit. “What better way to encourage them to keep using their bicycles than by having someone show them how to do it safely.”

The students got more than just a lesson in safety, though. Riders from Elbowz Racing – which is named after a famed Texas bicyclist — received stylish new helmets they now can use to prevent head injuries.

“We don’t’ wear helmets in case we fall. We use helmets for when we fall,” Elbowz Racing representative Justin Stanley told the students at Cooley. “

Stanley added. “The message is to get out, be active and be safe.”

As part of their presentation, Stanley and other racers showed students how to do tire air and break checks. Students also learned how to inspect chains and other techniques the pros use to keep their bike in perfect condition.

Fourth grader Michael Olivas now knows there’s more to bike riding than just hopping on and pedaling.

“Riding a bike is easy,” he said. “But making sure you’re safe is even easier.”

Coach Lourdes Arenas said Cooley has started incentivizing bike riding to school by installing racks students can use to chain their bicycles.

“The students received bikes last year, and now they have helmets,” Arenas said. “We expect the kids to be safe without excuses.”

The program is sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation and is part of the Save a Life Program.

Author:  Story by Andrea Cortez  |  Photos by Leonel Monroy  | Video by Angel Dominguez/EPISD

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