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Thursday , May 24 2018
Home | Opinion | Cornyn: Brutality in Syria Can’t Be Ignored
Clip courtesy Sen. Cornyn

Cornyn: Brutality in Syria Can’t Be Ignored

Friday, on the Senate floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) reacted to Thursday night’s airstrikes in Syria. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s remarks are below and video of his remarks can be found here.

“I’d like to start briefly by mentioning the horrific chemical attack on innocent civilians in Syria earlier this week. It was nothing short of evil, and I stand shoulder to shoulder with the Administration in condemning this brutality. Again we see Bashar al-Assad crossing a line, a line drawn and then ignored by the Obama Administration. The United States and the world community simply can’t stand idly while Syria continues crimes against humanity.”

“That’s why last night the Administration responded quickly and proportionately, and I commend the President and his national security team for acting decisively and sending a clear message to Assad and our allies.”

“I stand ready to work with the President and his Administration on a unified strategy to defeat Assad’s barbarism and to work toward greater stability in Syria and throughout the region.”   

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One comment

  1. The Villain republican senator John Cornyn is nothing more than a hypocrite just like his boss the Fuhrer Donald Trump! Now John Cornyn says that he stands ready to work with the Fuhrer, what he don’t tell everybody that this Syria tragedy was just another deflection from Donald Trump’s ongoing Russian investigation by the FBI!. Much thought has been put into it that Vladimir Putin asked Syrian president Bashar al Assad to use chemical sarin gas bombs on innocent children and civilians alike.
    In order to boost comrade Donald Trump’s Low Disapproval ratings and to deflect the ongoing FBI investigation.Neither Trump,Cornyn and the rest of the Republican Russians in the House of Congress could careless about Syrians or their children,that is why they are trying to block Syrian refuges from entering the United States.
    So where did the 59 minus one cruise missiles hit their targets? In the most desolated remote part of a Syrian air base with really no damage or lost of Syrian military personnel.
    A total waste of cruise missiles if you consider that each missile cost over $85 million dollars each! the US Navy should bill Donald Trump and John Cornyn for wasting US Taxpayer dollars.

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