• November 27, 2021
 Cornyn on Fox: Senate Tax Reform Proposal Will Bring Companies, Jobs Back from Overseas

Cornyn on Fox: Senate Tax Reform Proposal Will Bring Companies, Jobs Back from Overseas

On Wednesday U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto to discuss the Senate Finance Committee’s markup of tax reform legislation.

Excerpts from his appearance are below, and video can be found above.

“Repealing the regressive individual mandate tax, which is primarily paid by low-income Americans, does provide additional revenue for us to use to bring down middle class tax rates.”

“We can make the individual tax cuts permanent if our Democratic colleagues would join us in trying to pass a bipartisan bill, but they made it pretty clear that they have no interest in that, so we’re stuck with just doing it for the ten-year budget window using this process.”

“We do provide a tax rate cut. And you’re right, we do repeal the deductibility of state and local taxes… If we can, by eliminating the state and local tax deduction, we can get rates lower and the economy going again, then everybody benefits.”

“What we’re told is that because of lower tax rates in countries like Ireland, that this is causing those companies to move their headquarters offshore and make investments there… We want to provide every incentive to bring that money here to make those investments here and to create jobs here.”

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  • Damn John Cornyn is telling his Donald Trump LIES AGAIN! repealing the individual mandate is only going to throw off 13 million Americans from the affordable healthcare.And this additional revenue is only more money for Donald Trump,his family,John Cornyn and his family and the rest of the very wealthy rich.
    The middle class and the poor that make less than $75 thousand a year their taxes will go up,also there will be no NEW JOBS CREATED by these corporations that are also getting huge tax cuts.
    John Cornyn lies out of his rear end that you can’t tell the difference if he is talking from his rear end or out of his mouth.
    John Cornyn is the NEXT CROOKED Texas politician that needs to be voted out from the U.S. senate,you vote republican you trust republican you will end up losing. Make no bones about that because next we will be losing social security,medicare and medicaid just to name a few.
    Vote Ted Cruz Out in 2018 and Vote John Cornyn Out when his time comes next,Restore America back to it’s GREATNESS, vote all republicans out of office.
    The state of Virginia is doing it and so is New Jersey,lets get this BLUE WAVE moving from east to west and from north to south. Don’t just sit there, GET UP AND VOTE! VOTE DEMOCRAT!

    • You really need to seek mental help

      • No mad mike you white nationalist racist bigot Breitbart News Alt-Right Neo Nazi , you need to get off your opioid addiction and move back to Alabama.

  • On Fox News of all places, Fox News is FAKE FASCIST PROPAGANDA NEWS! operated and own by Sinclair Broadcasting. And John Cornyn is fooling Y’ALL by spreading his lies. In which Donald Trump also shares and speaks of these same lies.Tax reform also known as Tax cuts for the corporations and the wealthiest of the 1% of Americans which also include Donald Trump’s family along with John Cornyn’s family. Are the only ones that will benefit from this republican sponsored mean spirited bill.
    Corporations will not be coming back to the United States from overseas,and besides they will not be creating any new American jobs. Did you forget about back in 2008 when the country was in a great recession,while most of El Paso didn’t feel these recession most of the country did.
    President Obama is the one responsible for bringing the United States out of the great recession that George W. Bush started and left behind after he left office.
    The economy is still growing only because it is still part of president Obama’s legacy and Donald Trump and John Cornyn and the rest of the GOP are basking on presidents Obama’s success.
    The republicans are determined to repeal all of president Obama’s affordable healthcare reform as they have tried it over 65 times before and keep failing to repeal it.
    Now by lifting the individual mandate, this is going to make 13 million Americans lose their health coverage, to make matters worst those making under $75 thousand dollars a year will have their taxes increase.
    That benefits only the republicans like John Cornyn and Donald Trump.
    Next the republicans are going to go after medicare/medicaid and social security throwing all of us under the bus, that’s why John Cornyn needs to get booted out of office along with Ted Cruz.

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